Cataract Surgery in Guatemala Cataract Surgery Specialists

State-of-the-art Cataract Surgery in Guatemala

In USA, cost of cataract surgery can be very high if your medical insurance company doesn’t cover it. Cost of cataract surgery could be between US$3,300 and US$5,500 per eye, according to recent reports.

Cataract Surgery in Guatemala

Cataract Surgery in Guatemala

In Guatemala you can save thousands of U.S. dollars by having a cataract surgery including:

- Airfare
- Ground Transportation (airport, hotel, clinic)
- Hotel
- Meals
- Tours to Antigua Guatemala

Guatemala is located very close to USA. Just a couple of hours of main U.S. cities.

Visión Integral: Cataract Surgery specialized clinic in Guatemala


Vision Integral: Cataract Surgery in Guatemala

Vision Integral

Vision Integral is a private clinic that provides Integral Ophthalmological Services.

22 years serving our community.
Up to today we have served around 80,000 patients
Performing around 8,800 major eye surgeries over the same period of time.

Vision Integral medical staff

Vision Integral medical staff

Integrated by 6 ophthalmologists and 2 anesthesiologists
They all have local and abroad training in the USA, Canada and Colombia.
They all have ample clinical and surgical experience in addition to teaching experience ( in local and abroad schools)
We service several subspecialties in ophthalmology: Anterior Segment, (Glaucoma, Cornea, Refractive Surgery), Posterior Segment (Retina and Vitreous), and Pediatric Ophthalmology.