Cataract Surgery in Guatemala Cataract Surgery Specialists


Who are candidates for phacoemulsification / IOL’s??

Cataract surgery patient

If you’ve noticed blurred vision or other symptoms of cataracts, or if the reading of fine print has become a frustrating experience due to presbyopia, you could be a good candidate for vision correction with intraocular lenses.

In general, patients with senile cataract patients or cataracts secondary to some systemic disease (diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis), patients with uncorrected refractive error with corneal refractive surgery are all good candidates for this type of surgery.

General requirements of the IOL

Because the IOL replaces the eye’s natural lens, they should be placed when you have phacoemulsification. There are few exceptions in which an IOL is not placed.

Requirements prior to cataract surgery.

Because the topical anesthesia that is used there are practically no conditions that contraindicate surgery on a person of average health. For diabetic patients: blood glucose levels should be within normal levels because a high glucose level increases the risk of complication from infection.

Extreme conditions such as inability to lay on your back due to respiratory problems or problems for treatment with anticoagulants prevent the realization of the surgery.

How long does the surgery take?

Generally Cataract surgery is completed within 30-45 minutes.